KBS Design Cause Promotion-Ancient Inspiration

KBS Design Cause Promotion-Ancient Inspiration: Featuring ceramic artist and the founder of Yido Yi, Yoonshin Yido and its founder Yi, yoonshin have featured in the ceramic craft episode of KBS’s cause promotion: Ancient Inspiration-Design.

Yi, Yoonshin-
The Beauty of
the Inimitable

SeMA, Seoul Museum of Art

The exhibition introduces the world of artist Yi, Yoonshin, who has steadily worked on craft living ceramics for 25 years. Adhering to the value of handicraft work and the importance of its use in living, Yi has embodied the beauty of living ceramic ware and reinterpreted traditional Korean ceramics in refined contemporary design. Yi’s bowls are works encapsulating the “aesthetics of moderation and restraint, nothing more or less” as they are simple and neat, without embellishment.

The everlast-
ing value of

Yido pottery

Bowls of Yido are carefully handcrafted. After being glazed, they are put in high fire of 1250 degrees Celsius. Diverse color variations are created under subtle manipulations such as the temperature of a kiln, or use of the glaze. Timeless craftsmanship is the foundation of all the bowls of Yido: a product of artistry embracing function.

Total Living
and Art

As a lifestyle, living, and art enterprise, Yido aims to provide opportunities to experience diverse cultures through delicate world of handcraft. Yido also has been putting continuous effort into cultivating the art of traditional Korean ceramic ware. By sharing the beauty of Korean ceramic ware and food culture with the world, Yido envisions establishing this artwork as a recognized cultural asset

Yi, Yoonshin
Yido Ceramic

Yi, Yoonshin Hall-Yeoju Yido
Ceramic Studio

Yi, Yoonshin Hall, located in Yeoju Yido Ceramic Studio is a space dedicated to presentation of Yido’s past, present and future. It is dividend in 10 different sections, each conveying Yido’s philosophy in its own creative modes.