Our Story

The Company Leading
Total Art of Living

As a company leading the incorporation of art into daily lives, Yido aims to provide diverse cultural experiences
through the delicate world of handcraft. Yido has dedicated continuous effort into cultivating the art of
traditional Korean pottery ware by sharing the beauty of Korean ceramics and cuisine with the world.
Yido envisions the establishment of pottery art as a Korean cultural heritage.

Special Values of Handcraft

Yido’s ceramic-wares are made from specially prepared porcelain that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Unlike mass produced ceramics, Yido’s products are carefully handcrafted and valued for their unique qualities. After being glazed with 100% natural materials, they are fired at 1,250°C in a kiln. Yido’s unique colors are the results of such

meticulous glazing and firing. Yido aims to create functional porcelain whilst upholding the artistic value of each products. At Yido, we breathe and live by craftsmanship. One may observe this through each individually handmade works. The characteristics of handmade products gives them longevity in style and value, irreplaceable by mass productions.

Living Porcelain that Transcends
into Art

While upholding the traditional techniques of pottery making, Yido’s ceramic-wares are designed with
modern aesthetics. Without unnecessary decorative elements, Yido focuses on practicality and
beauty in minimalism. The minimalistic quality of Yido’s ceramic wares allows the embrace of
a broad spectrum of cuisines. The food shines with modesty and beauty when served with our dinner-wares.

Special Gifts with Unique Values

Yido ceramic-wares enjoy unique qualities due to the combination of artistry and practicality.Often, our products are used as gifts
for VIP customers at high-end hotels such as Shilla, Sheratonwalkerhill, Hyatt, and Westinchosun as well as VIP clients of major companies.